Folsom Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Services

Power Your Backyard In El Dorado Hills & Granite Bay

Enjoying the outdoors in a pool or hot tub can bring you peace and relaxation in times of stress and hardship. Electricity is required to provide power to your home’s water features. Don’t get into a cold hot tub or a dark pool when Bear Copper Electric can provide expert pool and hot tub electrical services in Folsom.

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Pool Wiring

Whether your pool is above ground or in-ground, there are multiple equipment pieces required for optimal operation. Our professionals can evaluate your home to decide the most effective way to wire your pool, whether that’s a subpanel, an electrical upgrade, or simply adding a new circuit

Your pool may need wiring for the:

  • Water pump
  • Lights
  • Timer
  • Heat pump
  • Automatic cover
  • Chlorinator

Let the professionals at Bear Copper Electric provide expert pool and hot tub electrical services in Folsom!

Hot Tub Installation

When buying a hot tub, consider your home’s electrical system. Many hot tubs use a 120V or 240V system. Plug-in spas are plugged directly into your traditional 120V outlet; these units are ready to use in only a few minutes. This often includes inflatable hot tubs that can be moved anywhere in your backyard.

Wired hot tubs are directly connected to your home’s electrical system and can be up to 240V. These spas require professionals for comprehensive and safe installation. Plug-in hot tubs don’t heat as well as wired spas that provide consistent heating because of their connection to your home’s system.

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    Common DIY Mistakes Include:

    • GFCIs:  Ground fault circuit interrupters (or GFCIs) are special plugs that prevent electrical hazards. If they’re not correctly wired, you risk electrocution and irreversible damage to your hot tub.
    • Tripped breakers:  Turning on your hot tub shouldn’t be a chore, so if your breaker trips every time you turn your spa on, your system may have a more significant problem. We have years of to keep your home safe and your backyard enjoyable.
    • Poor waterproofing:  Electricity and water don’t mix — that’s why it’s essential that all your electrical components are weatherproofed with proper insulation, waterproofing, and bonding to the rest of the system. Without it, you may experience shorts or electrocution from damaged parts.
    • Grounding:  Properly grounding any electrical system allows excess current to flow into the ground to prevent hazards and damage. This requires a connection between the hot tub or pool, its equipment, and the ground. Your new spa is at risk of a power surge and severe damage without it .

    Pool and hot tub electrical installation can be hazardous if done without a professional. Let our team at Bear Copper Electric provide peace of mind that you and your family are safe when you go to enjoy warm weather in a pool or cold weather in a hot tub. As a customer-based company, we are built around our dedication to providing excellent service.

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