Which EV Charger Do We Recommend?

Bear Copper Electric is a certified installer or an affiliate vendor for the top 10 brands, in the industry, along with several others.

We stock three products on every truck to offer a one-stop shop experience with your installation. 

1. Charge point Home Flex: Considered the best of the best. Slim profile, sleek design, adjustable output up to 48 amps, powerful app, plug-in or hardwire available. 

2. Emporia: Larger profile, adjustable output up to 48 amps, user-friendly app, plug-in, or hardwire available—the Budget Friendly Option.

3. Mustart: Plug-in only, output 40 amps. (This is the plug-in upgrade for all the ‘car included’ chargers that only give 32 amps)---the Least expensive option.

Do I Choose A Plug Or A Hardwire EV Charger Unit?

We recommend a Hardwire installation. A Hardwire installation's benefits are often a better charging performance and higher power output. They typically have applications (Apps) that allow the user to monitor charging performance, set start and stop times for 'off-peak' charging, and remotely control the charger.
One of the benefits of Plug-in chargers is that they offer mobility and the ability to change over to other products easily as technology changes. The hardwire units are permanently mounted and not easily removed. 

Does Someone Need To Be Home For EV Charger Installation?

Yes, and they must be at least 18 years of age. We understand that special circumstances may arise, and we will do our best to accommodate you to find an optimal solution. 

Should I Have My EV Charger Installed Inside Or Outside?

Every major brand of charging equipment lists their product as being indoor and outdoor rated. We always recommend installing the equipment inside, as outdoor installations may have a shorter life span due to the extreme conditions. 

Is There An SMUD Rebate Available For An EV Charger Installation?

SMUD currently has two rebates available.

1. EV Chargers have a $500 instant rebate if purchased from their website.

2. There is a $500 rebate for EV circuit installation, but you must follow their specific guidelines to qualify.

Is My Electrical Panel Too Full Or Small To Install An EV Charger?

Some panels may need more physical space to add breakers. In most cases, we can install ‘tandem’ or ‘quad’ breakers to condense the full-size breakers, allowing more breakers to fit into the panel.

Is There An Option To Install My EV Charger In-Wall Or As A Surface Mount?

We typically install surface-mounted systems to save our clients the burden of having the drywall repaired and repainted, as we do not offer these services ourselves. We may install your EV Charger In-wall if a pre-installed In-wall system (EV Ready) exists. Our technicians will make the best decision possible to optimize the installation process once on-site, including installing through the attic and crawl spaces to minimize the materials used.

What Wire Size Do You Use When Installing An EV Charger?

We install #6 single-stranded copper cables with THHN insulation. This allows up to 60-amp circuits or 48 usable amps for charging for EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment). Even if you are having us install a 32-amp charger (40-amp circuit), we will still be installing the #6 to future-proof the project and allow for easy changes to the system if they ever decide to get different equipment.