EV Chargers

Installing And Servicing EV Charging Stations In El Dorado Hills And Granite Bay

Electric vehicles aren’t just a trend, they’re here to stay.  Casual and commercial drivers alike are driving electric vehicles to work, to the store, on deliveries, and on trips. At Bear Copper Electric, we want to make sure that every EV driver in the El Dorado Hills and Granite Bay area has access to reliable, effective, and high-quality charging stations from trusted manufacturers.

Why Having A Designated EV Charging Station Is Important

A professionally designed and installed EV charging station does a lot more than just recharge your vehicle’s battery. Reliable, high-quality charging equipment won’t damage the internal workings of your EV like some publicly available chargers might, allowing it to retain its functionality and efficiency even through heavy use. Having your own charging station also saves you a lot of time – our EV chargers can charge your vehicle faster and are available on your property, at your convenience, for you to use whenever you like without any additional fees.

Whether you need to install a new charging station or have an existing one serviced, Bear Copper Electric is here for you. Call our office at (831) 800-2233 today for a free consultation and estimate.

What’s Included In A Professionally Installed EV Charging Station?

  • A Specialized Outlet –  Normal outlets don’t conduct the level of voltage required to charge your EV quickly and effectively. As professional EV charger installers, we’ll outfit your property with specialized level 2 outlets to ensure that your vehicle is charged using the right voltage for your situation.
  • A Charge Cord and Inverter – A professional charge cord doesn't just carry electricity from an outlet to your car’s battery. Most charge chords also contain built-in inverters, which makes sure that the current that flows into your vehicle is the right type.
  • Additional Accessories or Features – If you need your charging station to accommodate multiple vehicles, include additional features, or stand as its own separate structure, we’ll help you customize it appropriately with additional features and accessories.

EV Chargers From Top Manufacturers

rustworthy equipment comes from trusted manufacturers, and that statement is especially true of EV charging equipment. It’s important to do your research and find out what kind of charging equipment is being installed and used in your home. Reputable manufacturers don’t just produce objectively better equipment – they often offer warranties to back their products, and they partner directly with electrical companies to ensure that installers know how to properly install and service their equipment. An electrician that’s a recognized affiliate or certified installer of an EV charger manufacturer has received additional resources that allow them to reliably install equipment you can rely on.

Please note that we are certified installers and/or recognized affiliates of all manufacturers listed in   bold!

    Free Electric Consultation

    We Install And Service Ev Chargers From:

    • ChargePoint
    • Lectron
    • Clipper Creek
    • Wallbox
    • Juicebox (EnelX)
    • Mustart
    • Emporia
    • Bouge RV
    • Solar Edge
    • Webasto
    • Tesla
    • Clipper Creek
    • Evo Charge
    • Grizzl-E
    • Open EVSE
    • MeGear
    • Morec
    • SplitVolt
    • Turn On Green
    • Zen Car
    • Bosch
    • Seimens

    With an EV charging station from Bear Copper Electric, you can save money on gas, keep your electric vehicle in working order, and support your efforts to drive clean. Customers in El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, or any of the surrounding areas can call (831) 800-2233 or reach out to us online today for a free consultation!

    EV Chargers

    We want to make sure that every EV driver has access to reliable, effective, and high-quality charging stations from trusted manufacturers.

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