Commercial Electricians In Folsom

Providing Reliable Electrical Services To Commercial Properties In El Dorado Hills And Granite Bay

Managing a commercial property is hard work. There are a lot of factors to consider and operations to monitor, one of the most important being the performance of your commercial electrical system. Whether you’re building a new business or overseeing an existing enterprise, Bear Copper Electric in Folsom is ready to give you all the services and support you need to ensure that your electrical system is never a source of stress.

With electrical construction, installation, repair, and replacement services from a team of trained and licensed commercial electricians, we get all of your electrical issues solved quickly and effectively, helping you succeed at whatever endeavor you invest your time in.

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See what our commercial electricians can do to support your Folsom business – call (916) 461-8671 for a free consultation and estimate today!

What Makes Commercial Electricians Different From Residential Electricians?

Like residential electricians, commercial electricians can help you with a full range of:

  • Installations
  • Replacements
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance Tasks

However, commercial electricians have received additional training and certification that allows them to perform these tasks on larger, more complex commercial electrical systems. Additionally, commercial electricians are trained to work with additional, highly-specialized systems and fixtures, that the businesses that operate in commercial properties require.

What causes an electrical panel to go bad?

An electrical panel can go bad due to various causes, such as

  • Overloading the panel
  • Loose or corroded connections
  • Inadequate wiring installation
  • Faulty breakers or fuses
  • Age and wear

In addition, overloaded circuits can lead to overheating, which can cause a circuit breaker to trip and create problems in the panel.

Our commercial electricians can help you with:

  • Lighting systems
  • Performance improvements and tenant improvements
  • And so much more!

Commercial Electrical Construction

Constructing a new commercial property or remodeling an existing one always requires input from a professional commercial electrician. Accommodating the unique power and fixture needs of your business takes training, experience, and equipment that only the experts have. Even in apartment buildings, retail locations, and other commercial properties that we don’t think of as having specialized needs, a commercial electrician is still required to ensure that everything is running safely and efficiently.

EV Charging Stations For Commercial Properties

EV charging stations aren’t just for your home. If you use electric vehicles in your commercial fleet, if your employees or tenants drive electric vehicles, or if your customers and clients are looking for a place to charge their own EVs, installing a commercial charging station could benefit your business. Commercial EV charge stations are often even faster than residential ones and are designed to accommodate multiple vehicles at once.

EV Chargers

We want to make sure that every EV driver in the Folsom area has access to reliable, effective, and high-quality charging stations from trusted manufacturers.

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We can provide lighting solutions and more so you can create the room of your dreams with expert lighting in your home or business.

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Panels & Breakers

Ask about how we can update your electrical panels and breakers to improve the efficiency and consistency of your power.

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Commercial Services

See what our commercial electricians can do to support your business – call (916) 461-8671 for a free consultation and estimate today!

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Electrical New Construction

We are a customer-based company that is dedicated to offering new and improved products, so your electrical new construction in Folsom includes the best technology.

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Pools & Hot Tubs

Don’t get into a cold hot tub or a dark pool when we can provide expert pool and hot tub electrical services. Call today for more information!

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